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Chat with your tasks

Chat with your to-do list, strategize and make changes on-the-fly, and let the AI handle the rest.

Get a snapshot of daily agendas, weekly overviews, and assess task priorities.

What tasks do I have today?

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You have the following tasks for today:

  • Complete the financial report
  • Call Dr. Smith for a check-up appointment
  • Buy groceries in the evening
  • Read and summarize the latest book on AI

I could help you with the last task of reading and summarizing the latest book if you could provide me with some details. Also, let me know if you would you like a detailed overview of any specific task?


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you never give up, and neither do we. make every task, every goal, and every dream a reality

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Advanced features for individuals who want to maximize productivity


  • Unlimited tasks
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  • Unlimited GPT-3.5 chats per month
  • 50 GPT-4 chats per month
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